Maritime Single Window

The Directive 2010/16 requires that European States have a Maritime Single Window for reporting to be done electronically and once only. When a sea vessel calls at a port, its agents and operators are required by the authorities to lodge a number of reports concerning, for example, the ship, the journey, the goods, the passengers and the crew. This happens both on arrival and on departure from a seaport in the European Union. These reporting formalities are imposed by local, national, European and international bodies. This reporting is currently still being done in various formats (paper, fax) and thus represents a huge administrative burden, especially for the shipping agent.

One-time and electronic

From 1 June 2015, the FAL or reporting Directive requires that every European Member State has a Maritime Single Window so that these reports are sent electronically and once only. The advantages are: – all reports are done electronically – duplicate reports are avoided This Directive does not impose any new reporting but merely asserts that existing reports are done electronically so that information can be shared between authorities. Approach in Belgium The Belgian authorities have chosen to adapt existing computer systems. This solution has the most added value for both the public and the private partners who continue to use the trusted port system.